Santa Ana, CA

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Mechanical engineer working in aerospace market for FEA company. Primarily structural analysis but can do some limited motion analysis and want to get into controls and CFD at some point.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in VTOL aircraft. The area I need the most work on is control systems. To these ends I've gotten pretty good at Parallax Stamp/Propeller controllers and sensors. But still learning. Manufacturing/creating items is not a problem. I have CNC mill and lathe. Even CNC circuit boards from time to time. Due to location I stick with electric but depending on size and scope I may try turbine or return to gas. Also I've flown RC planes since I was a kid. I can fly helicopters but don't care for them. Built and flew quadcopter but again not as interesting as VTOL. I also help Universities Students from time to time. Recently built a loadcell into an RC plane and got electric power, velocity vs thrust. As an example. Previously I had a website to document what I was doing. But it took too much time from actually getting my toys done. But I would like to document what I've done/planing once I get my VTOL control issues resolved.


Santa Ana

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Mica Parks posted a discussion
Early June 2011 I purchased Full ArduPilot Mega kit. After assembly it didn’t start correctly. I’ve traced the problem/workaround to the “ATMega1280 SPI/ISP port”. If I touch my finger to the outside two pins, I think SPI_PPM PPM_RST and GND, after…
Jul 6, 2011
Mica Parks replied to Mica Parks's discussion ArduPilot Mega as a stability system for tilt motor system
"Wow! No replies? No ‘maybe’ or ‘good luck with that’? Did I ask this question in the wrong forum category?
…maybe my VTOL is too ugly and you guys are still laughing too hard to type:)
I guess someone needs to be first. I’ll get one and see what…"
Jun 8, 2011
Mica Parks posted a discussion
Howdy,I’m working on my third VTOL control arrangement (images below). The first two didn’t go so well:). Using off the shelf ‘damping’ gyros (E-flight G90 for yaw and Futaba GYA352 for pitch/roll) mixed together through Parallax Propeller boards I…
Jun 5, 2011