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Love flying wings, I think it is the perfect way to minimise the wet area not used for lift. Former merber of VAMUDES at University of Sherbrooke, I still love UAVs for their great potentials and accesibility



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Michael Levesque replied to Niall Woodward's discussion Unpowered Glider from Space
"Just a thought, would the air emprisonned in the foam would explode the aircraft as it goes up in low pressure atmosphere... the weather balloon does take a huge amount of volume as its climbing... so would the foam..."
Jan 15, 2015
Michael Levesque posted a discussion in X8
Hey guys! (and girls) I noticed a lot of people do love their X8 but they are pimping them quite a lot... Most of the time going above the max weight of the aircraft or going faster creating flutter. A composite airframe would help a lot in…
Aug 18, 2013
Michael Levesque replied to E_Luna's discussion Horizon in Mission planner shakes with plane on stable position (bench)
"Hi Guys, I have the same issue, I will try to test it Outside as well... 

The bouncing actually stops when the ''use airspeed'' fonction is disabled. I am Using the Ublox as well... So what has the GPS and the Airspeed sensor in commun to make this…"
Jul 10, 2013
Michael Levesque posted a discussion
Hi everyone, This is my first Forum/ APM Experience... I am trying to have my X8 fly with the airspeed sensor but I am having a really strange behavior. I have the APM 2.5 directly from 3Drobotics, Came totally assembled with their Airspeed sensor.…
Jul 10, 2013