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APM 2.6 Schematic

Would anyone know if there are Eagle files for the 2.6 board?

I have an intermittent connection on the 3DR connector for some reason and I want to know if I can jumper over to the pads labeled UART2.


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Bad Gyro Health

I have an APM 2.6 that I just built up.

I loaded 3.1.5 on it and went through the wizard.  Now, I am seeing Bad Gyro Health and the gyro is tumbling.

In some testing, I loaded 3.0.1 and the gyro issue goes away and the bird is actually flyable.

I've don

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AdruPlane on EasyStar II

I've jut built up an EasyStar II and did the first test flights tonight.

I did some testing with Loiter which for the most part worked fine.  I did a have a funny glitch in the path of the plane while it setup for Loiter.  I almost reached for the man

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Unable to retrieve logs

Hi Guys

I'm pretty new to APM2, so don't be surprised if I missed an obvious step.

However, I set up my APM2 and was able to go for a flight (not without some issues, but at least I got Loiter to work on my ICON A5 while flying off the water).

I want to

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