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Where is elevon 'Mixing_Gain'???

I have been trying to set up my new wing with an Ardupilot running Arduplane 2.73.

There is this new 'ELEVON_OUTPUT' that actually works fairly well for setup, but I cannot get enough throw out of the servos. I tried to drive the signals furthers with

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Zephyr ZII + Ardupilot - Param File

Hello, I have my Zephyr ZII with an Ardupilot 2.5+. I tried to set up my parameters as best as possible but it still was not very stable, did not level very well, and the fly-by-wire function did not work at all (did not hold straight and level).


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Problem Setting Up Elevon

Can someone please help me I want to fly tomorrow!!

I have APM 2.5+ Arduplane 2.7

I have a ZII wing. 

Current Set Up-

left elevon-output 1

right elevon-output 2

Throttle-output 3

Throttle, aileron, elevator input into the correct inputs

In the radio, elevon

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Analog Input Voltage Range

Hi All,

I am working on a project where we are putting a voltage input from a sensor into one of the open input channels. I am curious if anyone knows what the upper limit is for signal voltage on the APM2. I would like to get the largest range possib

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