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DIY Drones censorship?

I noticed the following post from Peter Yang in my email notification:

Peter Yang started the discussion "DIY Drone store is Trickery !!!" in the category "Aerial photography" on DIY Drones

I ordered several drone parts from DIY Drone store

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My Sky Surfer UAV build

As I begin my first UAV build, I thought I would document it both to help folks in the future and to get any advice or recommendations for my build. I really wanted to build a Bixler, but the SKU I wanted was perpetually out-of-stock at HobbyKing so

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Hexa center of gravity?

Hello, I'm designing a hexa to carry a 1.5 kg load. I'm trying to create the absolute lightest configuration possible, so it's mostly made from CF. My question is around CG. My intuition tells me that for horizontal stability, the CG should be as low

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