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A University of Guelph robotics researcher

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Actually, it's an unmanned GROUND vehicle...

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Mike Stachowsky replied to Junior Sammy's discussion Help settting up power management with ArduPilotOne?
"Isn't it just soldering a new resistor in?  If I understand it properly (and I probably don't :-P ) your voltage divider should always output 5V if the batteries are charged.  If not, the divider outputs less than 5V and if it crosses a threshold yo…"
Jun 8, 2011
Mike Stachowsky posted a discussion
Hi everyone, we want to use the ardupilot mega, but we found out about it only AFTER we ordered our own IMU, which is currently on the way to us.  It is this one here: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/sfe-imu-16g-triple-axis-accel-three-300...;
May 30, 2011