Los Angeles, CA

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Electrical Engineer. 3DR DIY Quad kit and custom F330 Quad. I like modding and flying quads. I want to move onto other variations like a tri or a hex-copter



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Nick Z posted a discussion
I am looking into using MATLAB connected to APM Planner to do live data analysis and use game theory to calculate the trajectory for three drones. I was wondering if anyone has done this yet, or if anyone has done this yet. Any help is appreciated.
Nov 17, 2015
Nick Z replied to BrownViper1966's discussion Motor spins after correct radio and ESCs Calibrations
"I have the same problem with my quad and APM 2.6"
Jul 21, 2015
Nick Z posted a discussion
I have the 3DR Diy quad kit and it was flying fine until I let a friend fly it. Long story short he crashed it pretty hard . I got it working again but now it won't start. It Gets gps lock but it won't turn the motors. I get both solid blue and red…
Jul 21, 2015