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Iam currently work as a cad designer for an aerospace company, but dream of making something that flies!.


Leamington spa, UK

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Oliver commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Where drones sit on the "hype curve"
"Hi John,
it seems we are looking at things from a different perspective.....3D printing for use as rapid prototyping has been around as an industry since the early 90's, that was what I was referring to. You are quite right that it has not…"
Aug 23, 2012
Oliver commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Where drones sit on the "hype curve"
"Well I'm not sure how accurate this is....3D printing on the peak of expectations...Really!...well I would of thought they are 10 years out of date at least.....In my opinion 3D printing is surely on the slope of enlightenment.....Now if they had…"
Aug 21, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi Guys,  I was reading a spec for a commercial UAV and it stated that the design was capable of +/- 6G. I also noted that some catapault launchers generate a 15G load on launching. Does anybody have an idea of the kind of G forces you see in hobby…
Feb 22, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi Guys, I wondered if there was any information about that I could use to approximate airframe weight? I was thinking that if you knew the total weight of the UAV its endurance and speed you could extrapolate the information? Airframe weight 5…
Feb 7, 2012
Oliver commented on CyborgCNC's blog post The MakerBot Replicator is here!
"Hi Guys,
Chris's comments made me smile.....In the early 90's I was an early adopter of Rapid prototyping having one of the first machines in the UK......people used to come to my lab and laugh at our attempts to make things....it was painfully…"
Jan 10, 2012
Oliver left a comment for William Gross
"Hi William,
Thanks for the post I will send you a proper reply later...
Jan 10, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi Everyone,In 2009 I started getting interested in the idea of making a UAV completely from rapid prototyping materials. I started out thinking I could just build a plastic plane, but quickly realised the materials were not stiff enough for…
Jan 9, 2012
Oliver commented on Roman's blog post [Lightly off topic] printed hydrofoil, IMU stabilization on the way...
"Hi Roman,
glad to see you likes my pic. It seems the idea of RP airframes is not very novel now...I have been working as a designer on the LEMV project so have been pretty busy. After spending a lot of time investigating the idea of printing the…"
Oct 22, 2011
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi guys,  I have been wondering if there is a minimum ceiling of operations where a flying uav is not classed as an aeroplane? I was reading about wing-in-ground-effect craft the other day and it was stated that they were classed under maritime…
Sep 23, 2010
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi guys, I always knew that rapid prototyping has a big role to play in the future of next generation UAV,s . Here is a link to a company using Stratasys FDM technology to make gimbal mounted video cameras......I can't wait to see the first complete…
Jun 10, 2010
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi guys, here is a rendering of the printed wing I have been designing. My idea is to create a rapid prototype/carbon fibre composite material which I can use in UAV applications. The concept is to be able to print the RP parts directly from CAD…
Feb 12, 2010
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi guys, I have been making rapid prototypes in plastic plated with a layer of nickel all over the part, the reason for doing this was to improve the material properties of the plastic to make it stiffer and stronger. I also wondered if this could…
Feb 5, 2010
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi guys,I am just trying to model up the skins for my wing design in Carbon fibre. Does anyone know roughly how thick the carbon fibre would need to be for a 200x50x1000mm wing? I am proposing to use wet layup so you would expect it to perhaps be a…
Sep 12, 2009
Oliver left a comment for Dynamic Orbit
"Hi Tamir,

Sounds like you have the right idea about commercialising UAV's when I started running an RP company in '94 a single machine was $100,000 USD now they can be got for $ 12000 and theyre gonna drop more as time goes on.

I think my idea of…"
Sep 1, 2009
Oliver left a comment for Dynamic Orbit
"Hi mate thanks for the interest, do you mind telling me a bit more about yourself and your interest in UAV's


Sep 1, 2009
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi Guys,Some time ago I started a post with some ideas about making a UAV using rapid prototyping to construct the wings and fuselage......I suppose my initial idea came from a thought that it would be great to create an airframe that has been…
Aug 21, 2009