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Owly replied to Luke's discussion Tricopter occasional (but often drastic) twitch
"Hi Guys,
i had a similar problem like Luke, but only on the Yaw channel. It made my tricopter yawing occasionally for up to almost 45 degrees. This happened more often at the beginning of the flight. The yaw-in of my log showed exactly the same…"
Jun 16, 2012
Owly replied to Johann Van Niekerk's discussion Magneto meter Issue cause of yaw problems ?
"Hi there,

i'm having the same problem as Johann with my APM1 + mag.

Since i updated to version 2.1.* the copter started to yaw for quite a while after takeoff, but recovered after ~30 seconds. In loiter mode is also doing circles. Moving to…"
Jan 17, 2012
Owly commented on Igor van Airde's blog post Tricopter based on ArduCopter, yaw-issues and solutions
"Thank you very much...

the fix for the servo movement is exactly what i need for my tricopter. Not because it is moving beyond its mechanical limit, rather because the sudden movement of the servo+motor puts my frame into oscilation which prevent…"
Jan 17, 2012