Rochester, New york

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I'm just an "OLD DOG" Dinosaur who started RC flying about 50 years ago. Now, I'm having a ball with all the amazing equipment and products that are now available to the Hobbist. To have the opportunity of doing product reviews and photography had been just fantastic. I have met so many wonderful RC people in the past several years and these relationships are most valued!


Rochester, New york

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Papa Jeff replied to RG's discussion Suggestion for drones for surveying very large areas in Agricultural UAVs
I think that you are getting good advice here and regardless of where you go with it, fixed-wing RC or Full Scale
airplane, just run the numbers of your costs ($$$$$) and then compare to your expected charge to the landowner and you will have…"
Dec 28, 2015
Papa Jeff replied to RG's discussion Suggestion for drones for surveying very large areas in Agricultural UAVs

For your project I would suggest a fixed wing, like the Precision Hawk "Lancaster" or a flying wing, like the SenseFly eBee.
To use a multi-copter would take much too long and require too many flights to be productive.  Also you may want to…"
Dec 28, 2015
Papa Jeff left a comment for Andrew Van Der Plaats
"Between the Reaper and the new Raven UAV's, I am enjoying the builds and
look forward to all the help that you and the other DIY crew can give me with
your experience. 
Raven - http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_10232186/tm.htm
Reaper -…"
Jan 26, 2011
Papa Jeff replied to Thomas J Coyle III's discussion The Raven Drone
It's been some time since I have thought to check your site and I am pleased to see how much you have accomplished.  Since the introduction of the Nitroplanes Predator, about two years ago, they have come out with a composite Reaper and just…"
Jan 11, 2011
Papa Jeff commented on Chris Anderson's photo

I can't believe that it took me so long to find your site!
I have a feeling that we might have chatted via emails a while back, but I'm old and sometimes forget things!

I got the bug on…"
Jan 10, 2008
Papa Jeff posted a discussion
Chris,I just found your site and signed up immediately. You certainly have created a specific forum for all of us RC fliers who are interested in UAV's and Drones. I got the bug when I had the opportunity to review the Nitro Predator UAV for RCU,…
Nov 10, 2007