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ESCs in and out of calibration

I have calibrated my 4 ESCs from my 3DR kit on several occassions, mostly via the manual method, but they seem to intermitently indicate that they need recalibration.

I turn on the copter and sometimes, all 4 ESCs initialize nominally, but other times

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GoPro "jello"

I mounted my GoPro Hero2 to the top of my 3DR frame using the standard mount and the resulting video was unusable- complete jello. So then I used tripod adapter with the camera and a 1/4-20 bolt to the top and still had unusable jello in the video.


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New code installation procedure

I'm a newbie and have been flying my 3DR quad for a few weeks now. I saw the impressive post about Arducopter 2.0.55 and decided to try it out tonight, so I fired up the APM Planner selected 2.0.55 and installed it. But afterwards all of the settings

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Vertical CG location

I have a quadcopter 3DR and am considering mounting the battery above the frame arms instead of below the arms, and I'm wondering how sensitive the stability of the quad is to this shift of CG?

I realize that this swap of CG from below the arms to abo

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Arducopter 3DR build documentation problems

I finished building the 3DR quadcopter about a week ago and encountered several issues in the assembly documentation, so I figured I would post my issues and recommendations here with the hope that they could be incorporated into the official documen

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XBee availability?

Does anyone have an idea when XBee modules might be available again?


They have been out of stock in the DIY Drones store for a while and Sparkfun says that flooding in Thailand is resulting in long lead times. 



Pat Brown

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More power for 3DR quadcopter

I finished building my first quadcopter this week (3DR quad kit) and am very happy with the results. A colleague of mine who flies RC helicopters and multicopters part time for movie studios checked it out and said that it felt underpowered. Even bas

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FMA Co-Pilot questions

Now that the ArduPilot is available, I have a few questions about using the FMA co-pilot.1. Is it really necessary to have the proportional aux channel on a TX? Alternatively, the trim can be set on the FMA computer. I imagine that having it on the T

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EasyStar AutoPilot

This message is initially addressed towards Chris, since he has commented about this before, but I welcome any other feedback.Chris, you said that the ArduPilot requires 4 channels, which is why you are using an EasyGlider now. I think the reason is

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