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Civil Engineer. South African expat.

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Newbie, long time interest is microcopters, UAV's and RC planes.



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Paul Boreham posted a discussion
A query regarding the Throttle Rate P parameter.In a recent test of firmware 2.5 I was flying in Stabilise (Simple) mode. I had great difficulty trying to maintain a constant altitude. The Hexa seems incredibly sensitive to throttle input. In fact,…
Mar 25, 2012
Paul Boreham replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"A big thanks to the Dev team, the hard work is appreciated!

Just uploaded v2.5 using MP and checking config and I noticed something which may cause confusion or problems.

When using Ch6 Opt for "In Flight Tuning", the instructions in the Wiki seem…"
Mar 18, 2012
Paul Boreham posted a discussion
Hi, I have been going through the wiki to see if there are some PID settings available for common configurations. The links for AC2 are circular however and just refer back to each other? The link I'm using…
Nov 23, 2011
Paul Boreham posted a discussion
Hi All, Took my maiden (outdoors) flight this morning. It ended in a pretty spectacular crash! Three propellers broken, two arms bent and an engine mount broken. What seemed to happen was that either a propeller failed (snapped) or the propeller was…
Nov 20, 2011
Paul Boreham posted a discussion
Hi all, I have been waiting for an order to ship from Hobby King for 4 weeks. The order was originally delayed due to a single backordered item, that was not (and still not) in stock. After cancelling this item and sourcing locally, I was then told…
Nov 7, 2011
Paul Boreham replied to Paul Boreham's discussion Ordering a Arducopter Hexa
"Hey all,
Thanks for all the advice!  Fear not, I can assure you part of the reason I'm doing this is for the challenge of putting it all together. I will enjoy the challenge and all the problem solving! Must be my inner geek/engineer.
I will add…"
Sep 13, 2011
Paul Boreham posted a discussion
Hi All, I'm a newbie that has been following DiyDrones website for a while. Now that the Hexa kit is available I have decided to take the plunge and build one. I'm in the process of ordering the Arducopter Hexa kit from the JDrones stores and was…
Sep 12, 2011