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FBW max bank angle problem

Hello everyone,


I have a weird problem with the FBW mode: The fly-by-wire mode works fine for level flight (so does stabilizing), but when i move the stick to one side, the plane starts turning, and never stops. I also tried it on the ground, when i

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Log File issue with 2.12

Hello Everyone, i just experienced a strange logfile issue. I uploaded recently APM 2.12 onto my APM. Flying worked just perfectly (FBW, auto etc.). However at home i tried to readout the logfile, and despite the fact that it should have recorded sev

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Log file issues


i was simulating a flight in X-plane 9 with Hardware in the loop. Everything works just fine except that when i try to read out the log files after one flight there are only 2 available (regardless of how many times i actually flew). To be sure i

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Easystar configuration



i am new here, and i am still trying to get my ArduPilotMega into the air, however i do have some questions.

First of all, i want to use an easy star, and as it is an easystar, it only has rudder and elevator. Does the Stabilization work withou

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