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Optical Flow Sensor mount

I thought I'd post a quick picture of my mounts for the sonar and optical flow sensor on a 3DR Hex platform.

The sonar mount is modeling plywood cut to resemble the $10 version for DIYD.  I used 3 strand servo wire for hookup.

The OFS is on a piece of

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Optical Flow Sensor - Focus and PY utility

I realized after posting comments in the documentation, that it was the wrong place.  So here I am to ask the following:

Can someone explain what may be causing the Python image capture to hang? It will capture 1 - N images then stop with the followin

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What is LED B on the IMU used to indicate?

During initialization and runtime, LED B is not lit. It never flashes.I am bench testing the GPS and Wireless Telem. I do not have all servos hooked up.The doc doesn't say what the individual LED's mean, only that B should flash then go on solid.Than

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Referencing the additional pins AN0-AN5

I am hooking up a couple of additional digital lines to AN4 and AN5 as labeled on the IMU. How do I reference them as digital pins from within the code? For example...pinMode(???,OUTPUT);...digitalWrite(???,HIGH);...digitalWrite(???,LOW);What is ???T

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ArduPilot Mega IMU Schematic

Is there a PDF version of the IMU schematic online anywhere? I am looking for info on the ports labeled AN0 - 5 on the end of the board. My goal is to add both digital and analog devices but am not sure that these are the pins.Thanks In Advance.

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