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I am a passionate about aerial videography & have been in the game since 2012. I love the Phantom but often get frustrated with the remote controller limitations. However, recently with the introduction of autopilot capabilities the Phantom is now capable of amazing cinematic pro shots. I have spent a lot of time figuring out autopilot shots and created this course to share my techniques with you. I really hope your videography gets taken to the next level with forum.

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Ran Van replied to Arnaud Vandecasteele's discussion How to connect my Spektrum DX6i to my APM
"Good News, I've finally succeed :)
I've used the "thro" wire from my plane to power up the Rx.
I didn't do that in the beginning because the wire don't fit perfectly to the receiver and I had to force a bit to put i inside. 
But after that I've been…"
Jul 13, 2018
Ran Van replied to Bartek Sad's discussion Bad AHRS - Pixhawk
"I'm still in the process to understand how everything works, and I'm stuck with my RC controller. I've bought the Spektrum DX6i controller but I don't  know how to connect it to my apm board (see picture). It must be something very simple but I…"
Jul 13, 2018
Ran Van replied to Patolemy's discussion Analog Signal Output through Analog Pins
"Hey, you can use this reference which i got from Google. https://reviewsdash.net/best-fishing-drones/"
Jul 13, 2018
Ran Van replied to Thomas Harvey's discussion Mission Planner not downloading map tiles for my area
" have not tried re installing the msi versionI.  I'll stick with the zipped version for now."
Jul 13, 2018