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Severe twitching in Loiter

I have an unstable Loiter condition on my Pixhawk 3.2.1 550 quad, all other modes are very stable and predicable.  I am using my Iris+ as a benchmark as both are configured about the same.  I am using a CSG M8 GPS and have switched out with a 3DR uni

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Zubax gnss

Any chance that UAVCAN implementation is near for APM?  Would love to be able to have the Zubax with APM Planner instead of Qgroundcontrol.  The Zubax picks up more satellites in my house than my Neo M8N does outside on a clear day.

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Iris+ blinking rear arm LED

I can't seem to find any discussion on this so I believe I might have a small problem.  My Iris plus has an intermittent blinking of the right rear arm LED and has since the first flights.  Is this normal or should I dig in to look for a faulty conne

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