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Motor Kv size verses power

I have built several 650mm tarot quads and have stayed with what was working as far as motors go. I recently have been having issues in the wind with the drone not able to loiter in position and drifting. This only happens in winds 15 mph+. If I want

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mission planner on Mac

I have used mission Planner on my sony and Apm planner on Mac. The main difference is I cannot get to the full parameter list on the Mac. I am probably missing it. I would prefer to use the Mac, is there a full list somewhere so I can check SR settin

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Flight modes missing

I am building a 650 quad and I am using a hobby King pixhawk type controller. The build went great until I started to configure the flight modes. The mode box will not populate it just show blank boxes. I upgraded my mission planner and loaded 3.2.1

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