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Robert Simcox posted a discussion
I did the update on my Solo and Controller last night. When I took it out today for the first flight of the day, I noticed that neither the Solo or Tower apps could stay connected to Solo for more than a second or two. It is consistently whiching…
Mar 6, 2016
Robert Simcox posted a discussion
This question is out of frustration.I am using Tower app on an android tablet to setup my missions. I setup a survey mission today, took Solo out and and let her do her job. Flew the mission perfectly, as always. I landed her on the desk, turned off…
Jan 23, 2016
Robert Simcox replied to Dave Bar's discussion Video cable for GoPro Hero 4 in IRIS
"What range are you getting from the LiveView?  3DR tells me that it's only 100 meters, mine isn't getting by 20 to 30 meters and even then the video is broken."
Jan 7, 2016
Robert Simcox replied to Jeff Weber's discussion 3dr Liveview
"I'm in the same boat, 3DR told me 100 meter is the max range.  Mine is at best 20 to 30 meter and even then the video feed is broken.  Tried to return it for a refund and was told by 3DR that I could not.  Guess I stuck with a lemon on this deal. …"
Jan 7, 2016