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Roger Church posted a discussion
Recently I update my Firmware on my apm 2.6 to the newest version. Then I completed the wizard then I went into config/tuning and loaded my parameter files to it.All said and done I went to flight data and it showed extremely high voltage…
Feb 18, 2015
Roger Church replied to Virgil's discussion APM 2.6 Flight controller-- redo set up if giving to me already
"Connect your Quad to MP go to config/tuning then go to full parameter tree, on the right side of screen click refresh parameters it will load what is on your apm . then you can save them to you computer if you want in case you mess something up in…"
Feb 18, 2015
Roger Church replied to Roger Church's discussion Throttle drops off around 35 to 40% then jumps up around 50 % throttle stick position
"Yes it is in stablise mode, looked at the log and the vibrations are in except able range but when I looked at the throttle channel . You can see the throttle in rise on the graph and you can see the throttle out start to go up and drop out then go…"
Feb 14, 2015
Roger Church posted a discussion
Using a Apm 2.6 on my quad . As I arm it up and raise the throttle  motors spin up . Then at 35 to 40% throttle stick position the motors drop down it rpm then move the stick up more. The motor rpms jump up.Any suggestion on what to check?
Feb 13, 2015
Roger Church posted a photo
MWC X-Mode Alien Multicopter,Apm 2.6 emax 4 in 1 25a esc, 2212 920kv motors, 1045 carbon fiber props, telemetry, gps,3s 2600 mah battery,Turnigy 9x radio and receiver
Feb 13, 2015
Roger Church posted a discussion
I'm using a apm 2.6 on my quad and when i arm it. The Number 2 motor doesn't spin fast as the rest,But if I move the roll stick just a little right it spin up fine.Should i use the trim function on the radio or use MP to correct the problem ( not…
Feb 10, 2015
Roger Church posted a discussion
When I try to connect to my apm 2.6 board with terminal in mission planner it shows a bunch of continuous letters numbers and symbols. The specs on the apm 2.6 does say it has the ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 chips 
Jan 28, 2015