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U.S. sending Global Hawk drone to Japan


An RQ-4 Global Hawk, a reconnaissance drone, will be used to help survey damage to towns and industrial facilities in Japan.

(Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Nichelle Anderson) [from CNET (TM) News]
Sorry for the link away from the site...
I just noticed there has been no discussion of UAV use in recovery efforts in Japan. And I guess I see why, there has been very little reporting of use of UAVs in Japan.
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Day 1: the Noomie [read "New Me"] LOL

Ok, SO...Thanks to Gary for flipping the switch in my slogging grey matter...

All future Blog Posts will be about my search and acquisition of a trainer that is suitable for me. There will be no questions (from me) here...

I'm off to the forums now...

Day 1


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Starting over...maybe.

I have stopped my Predator build and sold most of my gear, for now. Doing more research and looking to get a good basic trainer (.40 or .60 class) not sure if it will be nitro or electric yet. A 2.4 gHz radio system. And put in some simple build time and then get experience flying.

The Predator became a stalled frustrating build because I was trying too much at once, without any experience to back myself up.

I hope to get a system with at least a remote activated camera in the next 6-8 months.

Anybody have ideas on a really good .40 or .60 trainer and radio system? I am not at all interested in aerobatics, so a sedate stable flier is all I need.

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Prairie Predator Build

I've been working on a Nitro Predator for about a month and ahalf now. I'm stalled trying to figure out some problems with an Airtronics radio system I have that doesn't want to work. Everything "seems" OK but when I hook up servos to the receiver and try to control with the TX, no luck. the servos jitter when I apply power at the receiver, but no response at all to TX playing with adding a controllable rudder to the Predator for no other reason than the real one has one. So, I'm making it more difficult, I know. I'll probably end up fixing the rudder, but its fun to play with.
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