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  • the sparkfun unit does have 4 motors, altough the pitch of each arm is manually set... would be better if they had independant movement.
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    @T.D.  The important think to get is 4WD. Most of the $50 RC trucks don't have that.
  • To me, the first order of business is survivability. Standard trucks will more often get stuck in the mud (so to speak) I've been akin to things that can get out of situations like being upside down.
  • whats wrong with a $50 rc truck? I have seen big ones at Sams, RadioShack, etc. Just rip off the plastic and get to hacking. You don't really need suspension since your not going to be going super fast...


    In Jr high my friends had Traxxas vehicles and I had something from radioshack that I put paintball springs onto and it raced just as well. For a first ground vehicle why not go cheap and big with 2 motors and something easy to disassemble?   

  • sparkfun has a new crawler out...


  • Why dont we talk about inches or centimeter

    That is straight forward and enough for me.

    What do you think ?

    After all,  aren't these scales for marketing purpuses ..... ?

  • Yeah I know, the scale is too small, although scale is relative, right some 1/10th are bigger some smaller. 1/8 and 1/5th really are quite huge.


    It was the suspension and drive I thought was interesting.

  • We did have a look at this Crawler.

    Actually it was our first choice for price and flexibility. Very well built.

    I personnaly saw and view demonstration and numerous video. All interested in GUV should look at this little marvel.

    Since we are a team of two 67 years old, in top shape friends, we choose the RC4WD for the available space that it offer mainly because of its size. It permit our unflexible old finger to DIY every thing.

    It is our intention to develop a much sheeper  version immediately after we master this 1/5 scale one. 

    The complete project that we have in mind about this GUV Rover/Crawler vehicle will be reveale within 2 weeks.

    We are observing with enthousiasme the DIY Drones activities for 4 months now. We are just crazy about all this. 

    After DIY annonce the ArduCrawler project , we decided to go ahead because of the DIY available community support.


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