Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Both personal and professional interests: I would like to be able to build one as a hobby. Also looking for potential usage scenarios in environmental management and research.



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Samu Mäntyniemi replied to Samu Mäntyniemi's discussion Airspeed and pitch correlated
"Thanks Tridge!

I was trying this indoors, and sometimes had a 3D lock, sometimes did not have a lock at all (as in the picture). Clearly I need to do this outside with a 3D lock to make sure that it goes away. 

Jan 28, 2014
Samu Mäntyniemi posted a discussion
Hi,I was testing my airspeed sensor installation by tapping my finger on the tube as advised. The airspeed increased and the variance decreased as expected. But each time I put my finger on the tube, the artificial horizon showed that the nose of…
Jan 28, 2014
Samu Mäntyniemi replied to Veikko Vierola's discussion Airspeed sensor causes altitude drop in RTL
"I wonder if this is in any way related to the issue that without GPS lock airspeed and pitch readings become negatively correlated. I added a comment on the issue list and pointed to this post."
Feb 2, 2013
Samu Mäntyniemi replied to Dean Wynton's discussion Airspeed Sensor Normal?
"I have the same problem. When GPS fix is obtained the problem goes away, and when GPS fix is lost, then it appears again.  If the GPS fix is lost for some reason during the flight, then the autopilot would try to stall the plane so that it would not…"
Feb 1, 2013
Samu Mäntyniemi replied to Dean Wynton's discussion Arduplane Autoland
I just started to learn how to use ArduPilot and the Mission Planner software. I hooked up HIL simulation with x-plane 10 and tried to make a simple mission with auto takeoff and landing. I think I am seeing exactly the same problem as described…"
Jan 27, 2013