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Sandy Mikalow replied to Sandy Mikalow's discussion All black wires?
"Thanks George

I wanted to hear that before I start soldering things together.  I will use alligator clip leads to try them out before soldering LOL.  I had a hunch that was the case.  Thanks again.

Dec 28, 2015
Sandy Mikalow posted a discussion
On my drone kit the motor and the ESC both have three black wires.  How do you hook them up?  I don't like the trial and error method.Kits without instructions Suck.Sandy
Dec 28, 2015
Sandy Mikalow left a comment for Doug Walmsley
Radio shack or one of the other electronics houses carry a variable regulator that can be put together for under $2.00.  It uses an LM-317 IC.  You can put it on a small piece of vector board with two or three other parts and you can dial up…"
Dec 27, 2015
Sandy Mikalow replied to john's discussion Is it possible to add a 5 watt RF amplifier to a 3DR/Hope radio module?
"In the US the FCC frowns on that.  If you have a valid FCC Ham license you can legally increase your power to 1.5 Watts.  With the right antennas that should get you about a 5 mile range.  But now you would be violating the FAA regulations. The fine…"
Dec 27, 2015