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Arducopter Crash analysis request

Yesterday I had several successful tests of Loiter mode, so today I decided to continue testing in windier conditions. 

After confirming that I had a GPS 3D fix, I switched to Loiter mode. It was windy and gusty, but the quad seemed to be doing well.

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APM 2.0 daughterboard hardware change?

I noticed that the ordering options for APM 2.0 in the diydrones store have changed. You can order the APM 2.0 with either the GPS or the magnetometer (but not both).

My order (from Dec 12) is still wait listed. 

Will I now have to choose between these

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Magnetometer Eagle Files, schematic?

After a recent crash, the capacitor at the back of my magnetometer (v 1.2) sheared off.

Instead of ponying up for a new sensor, I wanted to see if I could salvage the existing one.

Can someone give me pointers to the eagle files for the diydrones break

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AC 2.0.23 test report

I put the quadcopter through its paces outdoors today. It was fairly windy -- about 15mph to 20mph.


STABILIZE: I had soldered the three low-pass jumpers on the board. Also, I had increased the PID values to .65 (Roll/Pitch) and .5 (Yaw). It flew grea

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Altitude hold -- throttle reversed?

I got the Sonar Sensor today and tried it out. I first tested it. It shows 35 cm from 0 to 35cm and then onwards seems pretty accurate to within a couple of cm.

Altitude hold was a lot more precise than just Baro.

However, I then tried to increase alti

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Xbee help (AC 2.0.23)

I find that I cannot connect to the PID screen using XBees. This used to work before.

However, I can see the Sensor/Radio-in/Motors-out screens using Xbee. GCS also connects fine.

When I try the PID config screen, it says something about an ID mismatch

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Arducopter 2.0 first impressions

2.0.14 is my first Arducopter code. My previous experience has been with MultiWiiCopters and I built and flew several quads with this software.

Wanting to try out UAV/GPS features, I built an APM and today I swapped out the electronics in an existing

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