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Arduplane wiki contribution

I'd like to contribute to the Arduplane manual. Specifically I believe it lacks a section on emergency procedures such as comms/radio/GPS failure, and I would like to contribute by writing this section. Who would I contactto get on board with the wik

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APM Planner for X-Plane camera control

In X-Plane's "Data Input & Output" dialog, item 127 "Camera Location" allows the position and angle of the view to controlled. Would it be possible, with the new camera tracking Arduplane and Arducopter code, to use APM Planner to control the view in

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Sending aircraft attutude via I2C

Question:I would like to send aircraft attitude information via I2C to another arduino. Has anyone attempted this? If my understanding is correct (probably isn't) I could use the same I2C port as the magnetometer, and the call to send it would be in

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