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Using scipt to change mode

Hi i am currently using a script that mavproxy will read from and execute commands, i will post the script below. I would like to the script such that i can change to guided mode halfway through auto mode(at a particular waypoint eg WP 4. Will apprec

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Fly towards object/colour

HI i have an competition coming up, can anyone tell me how can i program the drone such that it will first search then fly to an object and drop payload?

I am using pixhawk and Rpi(OpenCV and mavproxy)



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Need help! Weird behaviour

Hi! Yesterday i encounter some issue and wish to seek for anyone who can clear my question.

I tried to do a very simple mission using mission planner(Take off -> waypoint 1 -> RTL). The distance to waypoint 1 is less than 5 meters away. I did a manual

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GPS format

Hi i am relatively new to this so please don't bash me with my question, i am curious what gps format does the arducopter read or save ? My project requires the UAV to look for a target and fly there, we are hoping that we can maybe find the rough di

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Adding new waypoints in mission planner

Hi all,what i am currently trying to get the drone do is to take off, then fly to a certain way point(let say point A) and search for a object, the image will be process by opencv, once the object has been detected, the drone should fly towards the o

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