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Parrot Anafi

I see the Parrot AR drone as an option in the Profile page of UGCS, but I'm not sure if this is what the Anafi is running or not.  If it is, how do I connect the laptop to the Anafi so that UGCS can see it?  I've connected the laptop to the Anafi's w

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Error with many waypoints

I get this error when I'm planning very large missions (more than 1200 waypoints approximately) and trying to pair them down to a manageable size.


Once I get this error, I'm unable to remove routes from the program since they show up again after about

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Strange Waypoint Vertical Jump

Can someone tell me what's going on here?  It usually happens when I convert an Area Scan to waypoints, or if I import a waypoint file.  I have a 2.5 m resolution DEM loaded.  It doesn't always do this, but it might correlate with the number of waypo

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Areascan with Basepoint

I need to do scans over a large area (not a camera) and I need the lines from each block to line up together.  Is there a way to create an areascan mission with a basepoint?  This way, all the lines will start from a common location.  The basepoint n

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Multiple Waypoint Selection

Is it possible to select multiple waypoints?  So far I have only found a way to select all the waypoints, or only 1.  This makes it very awkward to edit a large plan, but I'm hoping there is a feature I'm missing, like a select tool.

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UgCS Hardware

I'm considering how well UgCS can work with the following setup.  Keep in mind this is in remote forested areas with no Cell coverage.  Power is provided by portable generator.


- Electric Helicopter with Pixhawk and Ardupilot.  RFD telemetry.

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Wireless Network with Laptop

I'm trying to setup a wireless network with my laptop that other devices can connect to. It's running Windows 7 and has a good modem in it, but I could also plug in a more powerful module if needed. I've created it with the following commands,netsh w

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Sync Images of Canon Cameras

I have been playing around with a couple of GentWire USB2 Canon triggers, CHDK and two ELPH 110 HS cameras (one converted by MaxMax for NIR images).  My goal was to get them to take a picture at the same time so that I can use the images for stereogr

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In flight picture management

I've been operating a Pixhawk piloted aircraft and quad for about a year.  Recently I bought a DJI Phantom and was impressed with how easy it was to work with the pictures that it took.  The pictures aren't as high quality as I need though.  Right no

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Tower as secondary base station

I have been fiddling with the RFD900 and 3dr radios.  My goal is to have a laptop with the RFD900 connected to a vehicle with either a 3dr radio or another RFD900, as well as a tablet connected to the vehicle with a 3dr radio. 

By installing the same

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Can a Pixhawk be tested?

I've attached the log of a Pixhawk I have which came with my first drone.  It experienced a few crashes while I was very inexperienced.  After my last crash with this copter I began to suspect that the fault was with the Pixhawk and not me (I know, I

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Lux Meter for Point and Shoot

I've been looking around at different cameras that can be used for image analysis (NDVI, multi-spectral measurements and the like).  It seems one of the important aspects of this kind of imagery is knowing the light you have at the time of image capt

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Arducopter 2.6 won't connect

This arducopter came second hand with a wing I bought.  When I was initially figuring it out I had it powered on with both the USB and battery which I eventually learned was a no no.  It became unresponsive, and the computer wouldn't recognize that i

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Crash, don't know what happened


I bought this copter from a fellow last year, but have only had a chance to fly it less than a dozen times.  I am completely new to this, so it has been a steep learning curve.  I am worried that autopilot has had issues since I got it, but I w

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