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Analyzing Log files

Hello All,

If someone has the ability or experience to analyze my downloaded log from a crash - i would appreciate it. The Y6 faired pretty well - just 3 broken props as far as I can tell so I'm not that bummed. Im just curious to see what happened. W

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I want to go higher.

Hello all,Thank you for all the advice over the last few months. I love my Y6. I have a GoPro, with gimbal, FPV. I can actually see in real time what the GoPro sees. The components I'm using are all the standard 3DR kits. I have two questions though.

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Y6 next step video??

Hello All,Thank you for the previous help. I had approx ten successful flights and I'm starting to think about installing the tarot gimbal with the GoPro camera. I do have some questions and would appreciate your advice.1) I purchased the 3DR video k

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Newbie Y6 Questions

Hello Y6 Group,

I received a new Y6 with OSD, GoPro, 3DR ground radio and FLYSKY controller and took it out for my first flight today. I was very impressed and excited to get my hands on one. I have some questions and would appreciate any assistance.

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