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Failsafe Triggered?


Just finished building a Flip FPV Pro G but have no gimbal yet, but have added some weight to compensate. The Flip could use a little more tuning but flies fine.

Flip FPV Pro G

Pixhawk running 3.15

MT2216 900Kv Tiger motors

Skywalker 25A Quatro 4 in 1

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GoPro Gimbal Recommendations

I'm building a Flip FPV Pro G using a Pixhawk and am looking for a gimbal.

I will need to attach the gimbal to the front plate of the quad and may need to take the plate you see on most gimbals off.

I've never used a gimbal before as this is my first b

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Uploading to Pixhawk from APM


Putting together a new Flip FPV Pro G. Trying to upload Arducopter 3.15 to Pixhawk using APM Planner on a MAC.  Upload seems to go fine.  I then get the musical tone followed by to beeps. 

In APM I can't seem to get to where you calibrate the compa

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Iris Parameters

Got a new 5000  maH battery and using APM planner 2.0.10.

Where do I change the battery parameters in APM planner?

Is it under Config/Tuning Standard Params or is it under  Initial Setup / Optional Setup / Battery Monitor?

Also, how do we know what all

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Calculate flight times


I know, silly question, but I can't seem to find an answer.  I currently have an Iris and APM Planner 2 on a Mac.  What is the easiest way to track flight times other than using a stopwatch? Does flight time show up in APM Planner or on the contro

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