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I purchased a Adrupiolet kit for my Y6 copter.

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Tom Finn commented on John Wheeler's blog post You Are Now Required To Register Your Drone
Jan 3, 2016
Tom Finn commented on criro1999's blog post Dancing drones at CES are a Philly filmmaker's 'secret sauce'
"Yeah, look at the ceiling and you'll see the Vicon cameras. Once some one can figure out how to get this kind of accuracy out in the wild that would be awesome. "
Jan 10, 2014
Tom Finn commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post How can DiyDrones surpass RcGroups!?
"Oh one more suggestion to the front page. Remove the feature box. The content is not updated often enough in there and it makes the page look stale always having the same content in there for months. That is prime real-estate being wasted on stale…"
Oct 22, 2013
Tom Finn commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post How can DiyDrones surpass RcGroups!?
"I would suggest a better forum system so its easier to find threads/posts, keep track of threads/posts, etc. The current forum system is not that friendly and is very difficult to follow threads that get big. I think the current forum system gets in…"
Oct 22, 2013
Tom Finn replied to Stephen Rayleigh's discussion Broke the mini-USB
"I broke mine, had a usb cabled plugged in then tripped over the cord ripping the connector off the board. No traces left.
Are there alternative pins where a FTDI or something can be connected? Can firmware be loaded through the telemetry port?"
Sep 12, 2011
Tom Finn replied to Tom Finn's discussion YAW moving when copter is sitting still
"Update: If I disable the Magnetometer and go back into GCS the Yaw number slowly counts down from 350 and the black needle very slowly starts moving counter clockwise.
Update2:  disabled the GPS and the YAW movement stopped. Went out to fly with…"
May 16, 2011
Tom Finn posted a discussion
I have my Y6 sitting on my work bench and have the APM Planner open and I'm running the GCS Mavlink app. Roll and pitch numbers move a little but only  by 0.01 but my YAW number jumps all around. Also the red needle for heading is moving all around…
May 16, 2011
Tom Finn posted a discussion
My Y6 seems to want to YAW to the right big time when I descend or if there is a gust of wind. I'm wondering if any one has some suggested PID values for a Y6 since I'm sure they have to be different than a stock DIYDrone quad. Other than that the…
May 11, 2011