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Troubling Take Off

I'am having some serious problems with my JDrones Arducopter during takeoff.

I cannot get the Quad to just hover in one spot during takeoff, it always wants to go off in a particular direction, like it has a mind of its own.  I have balanced props, ba

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First Flights

When first flying a new Quadcopter which mode should I fly in?

Before throttling up (arming) should I hold the throttle control to the left or right?



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Hover Problem


As a newbie, I am having problems with new arducopter during take off and hover.

The Arducopter has the 5.0 software installed in the X mode.

When  the Arducopter takes off, it wants to always want to fly off in one particular direction. I ca

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Mission Planner Question

Newbie Question

Can I plan a waypoint mission to fly an arducopter without the use of telemetry.

Can I program the mission planner and load waypoints from a map, then load the software and fly the arducopter or do I have to fly from the mission planner

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Puzzled Newbie question

Trying figure out how arming sequence changed from bottom right to top right after Apm reset. After a flying, next time I powered up Apm would not start motors but green light stayed on. I reset Apm and when it armed it became to right and caused a c

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Newbie Question Help


1. In the CLI mode, I tested motors in the X mode right/left/up/down and the (2) correct motors turned,         when I put the controller in the 45 degree positions- 3-motors run instead of two is this correct?


2. Did a first flight test by hang

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IMU Board Failure??

Just about ready for my first real flight and I just noticed that my IMU board will not display any raw sensor data anymore. Is it possible I the IMU board has failed or that I set up something wrong, or that it got in some freeky mode?

Any ideas appr

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Flight Mode Question


I'am trying to set up my Arducopter to fly in the X mode, vs the + mode.

In the setup instructions, I saw the computer board facing between the motor arm.

I did not see reference to setting 4-DIP switch  for X operation does the switch 4-DIP

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Arducopter Arming Problem

Newbie Question - Please Help

During my initial setup, arming sequence was throttle stick to bottom right corner. Now all of a sudden the arming sequence is done by going to top right corner and dis-arming is top left corner.

What did I do wrong and ho

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Fly Mode Problem

I'am having trouble and need help with setting flight modes with the TGY9X .

I set channel 5 on the radio menu to (GEAR) and when I switch the (GEAR) switch - I can get two modes of my choice and not three.  I have been experiment with modes using the

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