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Iris+ become uncontroled and crashed.

Hi guys,

It was my 88th flight with Iris+. I drove out of town, where only flat fields around but one little hill. And as the water still on field after winter and decided to fly right from that small hill.

All settings were alright.

Right after the tak

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RC Transmitter beeps non-stop

I need your help guys.


I never fly in auto mode making the route at my laptop with usb antenna.

Last weekend i tried and it was fail one. Iris+ started mission well but during the mission i scared to lost it and swithed to loiter mode to la

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3dr ground station

I lost my 3dr ground station from iris+. So, should i buy new 3dr ground station along and connect it to air station? or i need to buy both air and ground stations and change it in the iris+ guts?

Need a good answer because i'm a new in such questions

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