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UAgroV replied to yyun.1022's discussion changing baud rate of the GPS
"Hi Y,
reading this: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/using-the-5hz-locosys-gps-with...
you have to connect the GPS with a ftdi cable to your pc usb port and use RealTerminal to send it. Note, that untill point 8 of 9 you would not connect it to…"
Feb 23, 2012
UAgroV replied to Adam Crain's discussion APM2 will not power from output rail
"Hi Adam,

First, ensure you are pulging the wires in the rigth way, allways +5v (red wire) to center, and -v (black wire) to the edge.So yoiu got to roll it 180º from avobe to change from one rail to another. You can see the pins sing here:…"
Feb 21, 2012
UAgroV replied to Chris Reinhardt's discussion IMU shield repair advice needed
"hi Chris,
looking at the schematics, you can find Hotel V1.0 here: https://store.diydrones.com/product_p/br-0013-01.htm

you are right, both, c23 and c25 are the ones, and they are 0.1uF. With c25, you are lucky, its seems to be the analog filter…"
Feb 21, 2012
UAgroV replied to Charles Winter's discussion Powering the Ardupilot Board
"Hi Charles,
your APM2 comes with a jumper (JP1) as shown here:
if its "On" your whole equipment would be powered by the output rail, normally from the ESC in chanell 3. Thats meens, all…"
Feb 13, 2012
UAgroV replied to UAgroV's discussion Inverted Roll Problem
"Hi again,
i've solder the analog filters jumpers and it seems to smooth a little the sensors graph, but nothing more changed.
However, after a hand test withouth propellers where the motors seems to response as expected, i decided to upload 2.3 code…"
Feb 13, 2012
UAgroV replied to Grahame Harvey's discussion 1200 sonar
"Perhaps, this is what you are looking for:
Feb 8, 2012
UAgroV posted a discussion
Hi everybody,After a silly crahs testing arducopter 2.3 with our quad ( one of our four blades goes away in the take off at about 50 cms from ground), our APM 1280 with a Hotel 1.0 OilPam seems to be ok except a little big problem:The artificial…
Feb 8, 2012