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Vinh K posted a discussion
Hi Community,I am working a GPS denied quadcopter which requires channels override as I do not have other options. When I use mavproxy and python dronekit version 1.5, I can not seem to make it go forward or backward.Here is my code:import time from…
Apr 9, 2016
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Mar 17, 2016
Vinh K posted a discussion
Hi community,1. when I display the topic /mavros/rc/in from command prompt, i got theseheader:   seq: 460   stamp:     secs: 1456951630     nsecs: 476419853   frame_id: '' rssi: 0 channels: [900, 900, 900, 900, 900, 900, 900, 900] ...2. When I…
Mar 2, 2016