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I have been around them quite a bit through college, and I am looking at working toward building my own quadcopter.



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Will Chaney left a comment on Andropilot Users Group

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 to run Andropilot. Everything seems to be fine except that I can't get control of the craft. What is the proper way of using it along with a standard Tx and Rx for control. I like to have that for safety.…"
Apr 14, 2014
Will Chaney replied to Will Chaney's discussion Send larger PWM for throttle control in arducopter
"I just checked the setup with a HobbyKing kk2.0 board to test the amp draw, and I was able to draw about 125 amps when I weighed the system down and ran the motors at full throttle.  So I know this is completely possible."
Jan 21, 2014
Will Chaney posted a discussion
First off, I have found that I am not the first person to run into this problem.The setup:Frame: HexacopterMotors: SII-3020-890KVPropellers: APC 10x3.8SFPower: 3x5000mAh 20C, 3SBottoms Up Weight: 10.17lbs Thrust to Weight Ratio: 1.83ESC:  HobbyKing…
Jan 21, 2014
Will Chaney replied to Larry Grimm's discussion Why are motors not getting full power from arducopter
"I just finished assembling a build, and I'm having the same issue.

I haven't been able to try going to an older firmware, but I don't understand how this could be the way to fix this.  There has to be a setting somewhere.  I have tried adjusting…"
Jan 20, 2014
Will Chaney posted a discussion
With out going in to too much detail, does anybody know of a simple autopilot that could be used to do the following?1. flip a switch to allow autopilot to takeover2. autopilot finds its gps coordinates3. Aircraft takes off4. flies straight up to a…
Oct 24, 2013