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William Stoner commented on Matthew Beck's blog post Pilot Spots Possible Drone 1,500 Feet Above NYC's JFK Airport... FAA launches investigation
"I think we all agree that what this guy did is bad for the hobby...
Let's show the FAA, the FBI and other law enforcement that we hate what happened and help them find this guy...and offer him up to them.  Don't protect him, don't justify his…"
Mar 8, 2013
William Stoner replied to Bill Patterson's discussion A suggestion for the 2.9.2 Release
"Maybe someone with edit authority can go into the specific part of the Wiki that each question is related to, copy and paste the question with a link back to the forum where the answer is.
I like dividing the thread out too!  Have a release…"
Feb 9, 2013
William Stoner replied to CyberCrash's discussion Need help deciding what prop to put on 750kv
"Where is your throttle when you hover? If it's above 50%, use the bigger props, if below, stick with the 10's.  If it's far below, then step down to 9's.
My quad hovers at about 41-42% throttle (you can check the value in the logs) at the beginning…"
Feb 2, 2013
William Stoner replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"I put this in another post, but it seems to have been passed over somewhat.  I've not received any kind of response to it.  Forgive me for posting it again.
When I switch into loiter at speed...it will overshoot for a bit, then go into a large…"
Jan 24, 2013
William Stoner replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"Well, let me add to the list.

First, alt hold is rock stable, after calibration of the acceleration  it's almost perfectly level in flight with no or little drift.  EXCELLENT.  I have noticed that if I'm climbing even slightly when I engage alt…"
Jan 23, 2013
William Stoner replied to Crashpilot1000's discussion SOLVED - How can i flash the MTK 3329 GPS on my apm 2.0 ??
"Like many, I was excited by the release of the 2.9 version software.  So, I started down the path of doing the upgrade.  I've hit a full stop on this aspect of things.I'm trying to update the firmware on the MediaTek 3329 GPS on my APM 2.0 hardware.…"
Jan 20, 2013
William Stoner replied to William Stoner's discussion APM 2.0 Power protection kit
"I know how it works and I know how to install it...I just haven't been able to locate a discussion on what problem it's trying to solve.
I mean, are people blowing the board up with to much voltage? Voltage spikes taking things down?  What motivated…"
Jan 1, 2013
William Stoner posted a discussion
I bought my APM 2.0 before it was actually available, and spent a long time waiting for it to finally arrive..mounted it on my home brew quad and went into tuning hell...I never got it to where it would fly better than the KK board I had on it…
Jan 1, 2013
William Stoner replied to Jeff Cook's discussion Alt Hold to Stabilize Mode Transition Question
"From the wiki on Alt Hold mode;

While in Alt Hold mode altitude can still be manually changed by raising or lowering the throttle control beyond a large central dead band.
After using manual override to change altitude it is important to…"
Dec 29, 2012