A suggestion for the 2.9.2 Release

I'll just be direct here, so as not to be overly long. 

The 2.9.1 forum thread is past 1600 posts, and I have no doubt it will hit 2000 posts shortly. 

The problem with that thread is that it's crushing under it's own weight. The same or closely related problem gets solved over and over. People can't find their problem because the answer is either in a threaded response which gets lost to time or the search in NING can't find it for what ever reason. 

So here is a solution that I think will go a massive way toward reducing redundant answers and people/helpers can focus more in specific areas. 

So instead of making a single 2.9.2 release thread, how about making a thread for specific areas of Arducopter 2.9.2.

For example:

Arducopter 2.9.2 Software Install and Hardware functions (New 2.9.2 users Start Here)

Arducopter 2.9.2 Acro/Stable/Tuning Thread (Step Two)

Arducopter 2.9.2 Alt Hold/Loiter/Position Hold Thread (Step Three)

Arducopter 2.9.2 Missions/Way-point Navigation/Auto-Flight Functions (The last thing you should be testing)

Let's say release 2.9.2 gets another forum 2000 posts. Splitting this 4 ways (as above) drops that number to only 500 posts (in theory) in any given area. Plus it segments it out in the same order that most people have to (should) deal with when installing a new version of Arducopter.

But it's gets way better.... Because with it organized like this, there will be far fewer repeat postings, since now it's possible for people to actually read the entire thread that deals with the issue they are working on the time. This should cut back the posting where people give up on reading the entire thread and post a new question at the end, one that has been answered already.

By doing this it takes the pressure off the Wiki somewhat. Because the Wiki is constantly chasing a moving target. Solutions are found and results posted in the forum, long before they can, or should be, chiseled in stone on the Wiki. 

Anyways, sorry this is so long, I was thinking about it in the grocery store today, and I think it's a really good idea. 

Thoughts? Comments?

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  • I think its a great idea. While working on the altitude problems I have I found posts all over the place and tried to get info from all. Most times there was no response until I ran into the posts that Leonard was handling and I have now made huge progress. Had there been a single location for all altitude hold issues the info would have been in one location and easier to access.

  • You hit the nail on the head.  I have not been following this site as much due to weather, and work constraints   I know however when the weather warms up I will want to put the latest firmware on my quad and get out flying.  At that time I am going to hit this site for all the do's and don'ts.  Having just looked at the current APM 2.9.1 post I am completely overwhelmed.  There is so much amazing information, and anything past page 10 is lost to me.  Although all the info is helpful, it doesn't all relate to what I am looking for.  

    I have run a few forums over the years, and I have to say that is the only model I see working.  This hobby is getting more and more interest and I imagine the blog comments are going to continue to grow.  It would be so much easier to have the categories you mentioned (or something similar) and user able to post there specific questions or comments.  It makes searching a breeze.  We all have used forums at some point I am sure, so I won't go into detail.

    I have setup phpBB, Vbulletin, and recently tried out BBpresss (wordpress plugin).  The first two are very easy to setup and use. BBpress still lacks a lot of functions without adding tons of plugins.  All are easy to setup and only take a few hours.  

    Just adding my two cents.  I just feel a lot of good info gets lost in the current format, and would love to see it more accessible.



  • I'm jumping here from a reply thread in the 2.9.1 topic. 

    [Edited for relevance]

    Chris mentioned moving to WordPress and a forum module. So we were talking about threaded replies, why they are turned on here, and how RCG's Topics always get way to long. I hate to be someone who only ever whines and never offers constructive ideas. So here is some input on threads. It might be possible to use some of these thoughts in the WordPress forum module. 

    A couple features that would make NING actually usable. Well, not just usable, but actually really nice. 

    (A little baseline terminology here)

    If we call the top of the thread the "Topic", the replies to the Topic "Replies" and the replies to the Replies; "Comments", that is where we should stop.


     - Reply 1

       L Comment 1

       L Comment 2

       L Comment 3

     - Reply 2

     - Reply 3

    And if comments were collapsed  so if a user were interested he could expand that single comment section, it would go a huge way towards compressing the pages into a readable format, and it pushes the Comments into their own "subtopic" and out of the main Topic. 

    So, anyways..... I don't know if NING has these features, or if the new WordPress Module will either.

    It's just thoughts on functional structure, if you are still shopping for a forum module.

    This is my input on something that works well in a CMS. 

  • It`s a very good idea. It will help keep things tidy. Users should remember to bookmark each section of the threads they are interested in for easier retrieval. Once a post is superseded by new posts, it becomes difficult to find with the limitations of the NING search engine. I haven`t done much testing of 2.9x yet for that exact reason, the thread is just too huge and the fix found for any particular bug is buried somewhere between page 1 and page 141. The wiki can`t catch up with all these findings and by the time it does, 2.9.9 will be out! Linking relevant blog posts in the wiki is a good idea. 

    There is no perfect solution but with a little discipline by all, we could have something workable.

  • MR60
    Another improvement idea for the next 2.9.2 forum would be to force a choice of a "post category" that would appear in between brackets at the beginning of the post's title.
    For example: [new feature] blablabla, [know issue] blablabla, [problem]blabla, [resolved] blablabla, [assembly faq] blablabla, etc

  • Developer
    I still think you will get too long discussions when what would be best is multiple posts about issues in new threads. Would it be much simpler to have a release post/blog that is closed for comments? The the only course of action for posters is to create a new posts with issues that arise.

    I was also thinking a new Arducopter 2.9.x forum might also work? (But not 100% sold on this idea)
  • Developer

    Sounds like a great suggestion so we will start from 2.9.2.

    ..one thing is I kinda think that 4 is too many.  How about just 2 for starters:

    Arducopter 2.9.2 - Getting started ---- New 2.9.2 users Start Here and includes up-to getting stabilize working well

    Arducopter 2.9.2 Alt Hold/Loiter/Missions  ---- all autopilot like functions

    I'm also going to crack-down on all soap boxing whether positive or negative.

  • Developer

    This is a very sensible idea.

    The problem is when people post in the wrong page, unless we can move their post to the correct page the discussion may quickly just focus on a single post.

    This is a hard problem and I find it hard to contribute positively. Frustrating.

    I wonder if there is a good example of it being done well we could look at....

  • Developer

    It would be great if we could get a few more people contributing answers and analysis so it does not all fall to just a couple of people as well. 

  • Maybe someone with edit authority can go into the specific part of the Wiki that each question is related to, copy and paste the question with a link back to the forum where the answer is.

    I like dividing the thread out too!  Have a release announcement that details all the changes from the last release in the form of the release notes..then create a link on each item to it's own thread.

    Even better if the original post were updated to include new info discovered during the course of the conversation.

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