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X-Winder 4-Axis Filament Winder

We've just added an affordable 4-axis filament winder to our line up of desktop filament winders at Xwinder.com  . You can see the 4-axis model 4X-23 operating near the end of this video. Many lightweight and strong model applications for fixed and rotary wing models. We are building a compressed air energy storage fuselage with 3 kilowatt hour capacity (thats 40x 5000 mAh at 14.8v 4S). The Video is here if it does not load in this blog.

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Lifeguard Drone Ready For Mass Production


This quadcopter can deliver life preservers a full minute faster than a human lifeguard

From Popular Science 2013:

The Pars Aerial Rescue Robot is designed to work as a mobile lifesaver dispensary, flying out to those in need and dropping vital flotation aids until better help can be secured. As currently designed, Pars starts with a quadrotor, which makes sense: quadrotors are versatile platforms, beloved by scientists because the machines can do things like test eagle arms and Kinect-based navigation. Quadrotors are also relatively strong. That means Pars wouldn't have any trouble carrying life preservers as well as a sophisticated navigation software and infrared cameras.

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Get a College Degree in "Drone"



The FAA has picked Nevada as one of six unmanned aerial systems (UAS) testing sites.

UNLV College of Engineering's Dean Dr. Rama Venkat said the university's professors and students will help lead the way in research, testing and development.

"We first of all need to integrate them into the air space. We need policies, procedures, regulations. We need to figure out who can do it, is it safe, will people's privacy be violated," Venkat said.

The curriculum for the minor will include a law class on privacy issues, and the educationicon1.png will evolve as they explore and learn more.

In spring of 2015 a continuing education certificate will be available for those seeking a career change.

UNLV rolling out drone minor in fall

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Another FAA Incident

3689582228?profile=originalThe FAA is crying foul at a Major League Baseball team. The Washington Nationals used a drone to take pictures of the team during spring training. Problem is they didn’t get permission. And commercial drone use is banned.

We didn’t get it cleared, but we don’t get our pop flies cleared either and those go higher than this thing did,” a team official told the Associated Press.

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Drone Prize Competition


The Portland (OR) Business Journal “Biz Pulse” blog reports that the Silicon Sky, PDX Drone and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International-Cascade have launched the “Drone Prize” competition, which asks contestants to produce videos demonstrating how UAVs can be used for the “common good.” The contest will be open for submissions in about a month. 

From Drone Prize website:

Use the aerial perspective to serve the greater good. Fly your drone with a civic purpose on a mission to improve society. Share your video with the world to show the difference you made, and enter to win more than $10,000 in prizes. Finalists will be flown to Portland in Summer 2014 to compete for the Grand Prize.

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