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flyer posted a discussion
 Hello everybody,I am trying to make the follow me work, but it didn't work properly. There is a problem with the gps coords. The quad should recieve coords like Lat:48,884805 and Long:9,08266388 but it recieves the one shown in the image below.I…
Aug 23, 2012
flyer posted a discussion in German Ardu-Group
Hallo Freunde,ich versuche seit ein paar Tagen den Follow Me zu benutzen, aber es funktioniert nicht. Der Kopter versucht immer in eine andere Richtung zu fliegen, als er sollte. Das "Fly to here" funktioniert, aber das Follow Me nicht. Was kann ich…
Aug 22, 2012
flyer posted a discussion
Hey everybody,I am trying to use the follow me, but my arducopter does not follow me.It wants to fly in the opposite direction...anybody an idea why? did anyone try the follow me?
Aug 13, 2012
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Aug 2, 2012
flyer posted a discussion
Hey guys,did anyone something with a APM2 as a ground station? I would like to use one to track the gps position for follow me. And I would like to adjust the arducopter to "look" in the same direction as my ground APM2. So if I turn the ground…
Aug 1, 2012
flyer posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hey guys,I would like to receive the GPS position from the Arducopter every 500ms. I think the copter is sending the gps position every 2 seconds as default. Where is it possible to change or implement this?The copter is connected via telemetry and…
Jul 31, 2012