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Battery and throttle endpoints

I just saw a video, recommending to use 4 s batteries instead of 3 s for quad-copters. And then lowering throttle end points from the RC remote, to lower the power being delivered to the motors. Now, I`ve got 12 volt motors and a 14.8 volt battery. I

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Lipo battery and FC configuration

Hi there everyone. So I have motors for my quadcopter, that are rated for 12 Volts. The battery that I have available is 14.8 Volts. Is there anyway way to bring down this voltage to approximately 12 Volts level (as required by the motors), by changi

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Brushless DC motor specfications table

Hi there everyone. Referring to the last column (load type) of the table below, showing a specifications table of a DYS Samguk series WEI 2207 (2300kV) brushless motor, I am confused with the letters X3 and X4 written alongside battery/prop. What do

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Battery Selection For Quadcopter

Hi there everyone. I have a 2205 2500 KV brush less motor for my quadcopter, that requires 12 V for operation. The batteries available are either 3S (11.1 V) or a 4S (14.8 V). Which battery should I use with this motor considering the above situation

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