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jcrubino commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post Hydrofoil Arduboat project Inspiration
"If i recall correctly the forward propellers are only used in this ship because the aft produces indirection in steering the vessel."
Nov 9, 2014
jcrubino commented on Nick Goodey's blog post pyXY - Synapse SM700 Dev Board May Be better than Xbee
"I have had a synapse chip set on the bench for a year now.
Nice to program but form factor (pin spacing really) has made it difficult for to quickly prototype projects."
Oct 27, 2012
jcrubino commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post X-Plane Skyfun model - Work-in-progress...
"I have been pondering this problem.
Would it be possible to create accurate point clouds with a kinect or 3D laser scan airframes into useable data files?  Having accurate wings and propellers could be great with X Plane blade theory.
Oct 19, 2011
jcrubino commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Awesome manned electric multicopter takes off, crashes
"Daring indeed Brad and good luck.
Are there large enough brushless motors available to simplify the mechanical design?"
Aug 27, 2011
jcrubino replied to Philipp's discussion Simulating Kalman Filter in XPlane
How do I get started writing autopilot code for X-Plane.
What language do you use?  What are the best comprehensive or cohesive posts/tutorials on this?
I want to be able to grasp the Algorithmic side before anything else.
Aug 10, 2011
jcrubino commented on Geoffrey L. Barrows's blog post New Image Sensor Chips for Robotics and Embedded Vision
""in-pixel binning", would this benefit low-light applications or just reduce data resolution?"
Aug 10, 2011
jcrubino left a comment for Earl
Were one of the guys working on a Parallax Prop based autopilot?
What has become of the project?"
Mar 1, 2011
jcrubino commented on Faisal Shah's blog post $69 1000mW FHSS Transceiver (900MHz)
"Video, telemetry plus control?
Might be pushing it to the absolute limit but... keep us posted!"
Jan 14, 2010
jcrubino commented on Faisal Shah's blog post $69 1000mW FHSS Transceiver (900MHz)
"Could this handle low to moderate res video and data?"
Jan 14, 2010