$69 1000mW FHSS Transceiver (900MHz)

* 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver* Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Network Topologies* Transmitter Power Configurable from 1 mW to 1 W* RF Data Rate Configurable from 38.4 to 500 kb/s* Serial Port Rate up to 460.8 kb/s for Streaming Applications* 128-Bit AES Encryption* Separate Serial Port for Diagnostics* Analog and Digital I/O for Sensor Applications* FCC and Canadian IC Certified for Unlicensed Operationhttp://www.rfm.com/products/dnt900.shtmlIs this too good to be true? Anyone try this out yet?How does it compare to the Digi Xtend module (1W as well): http://www.digi.com/products/wireless/long-range-multipoint/xtend-module.jsp
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  • Greetings!

    I see by the other comments that I am three years late here but I just discovered this great site and this great product. I like the FHSS for sure but I am almost clueless as to how to use this. By "almost" I mean that I am a retired computer hardware engineer and understand quite a bit about this stuff. I would like to use this device simply for sending real-time video from my ship to the ground. As I understand it, my video must be in a digital format MPEG4 etc. I think I can handle that but programming this device will be a whole new ball of wax for me. I can probably figure it out in time. But any primer or reference material you could link me to would be of great value. Obviously if someone here has accomplished what I want to accomplish I am certainly up to plagiarizer!

  • Bill,
    assuming with "hex" you meant hexadecimal value, what exactly confuses you ?
    How to send an hex value over serial ?
    How to convert an image to hex values and send it through serial ?

  • How do you send it the hex packets via serial. I'm confused, and need to know how to configure it.
  • @ Jimmy Ru

    "Could this handle low to moderate res video and data?"

    Hi Jimmi, I think it could, but not without some sort of encoding. Just thinking out loud:

    pixel resolution 6 bits = 64 gray levels
    video resolution of 170 x 120 pixels
    frame rate 15 fps

    amount to a raw bit rate of 170 x 120 x 6 x 15 = 1836000 bps without any error checking / error correcting code.
  • Video, telemetry plus control?
    Might be pushing it to the absolute limit but... keep us posted!
  • Could this handle low to moderate res video and data?
  • I'm hoping I can adjust its frequency bands. It's capable of 902 - 928 MHz, but in NZ I'm only allowed to use 921-929 MHz at 1W, and only 3mW for the rest of that band.
  • Great find Faisal, looks interesting an very capable. Reasonably priced too.
    No need to buy the Dev kit, the manual explains how to configure it via serial commands, that's good enough for testing.
  • I inquired by the Swiss distributor whether this 900MHz module is allowed in EuropeSwitzerland. Probably it's the same as with the Xbee Pro 900: not for Europe :-(
  • I personally tested a MaxStream Xtend to 73 Miles right after they were released...
    The ground station used a 14dbi dish, and the airborne part was an x-tend with a rubber duck taped to the inside window of a cessna cardinal. The ground station was set up to loop back and pointed in a fixed direction.

    I flew out the direction of the antenna beam and periodically turned 90 degrees to let the side window see the beam without the tail in the way. At 73 miles I still had 100% data with no loss at 19200. I could not go farther because it worked better than I had expected and I was out of airspace to fly into. I was on the edge of the LAX Class B

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