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Video or Photograhy background. Interested in multi copter high end videography and photograhy.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Looking into building mediam size octo for carry around 900g of camera & lens.


upstate ny

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jfro replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"I have a 2nd 3DR Pixhawk which I test from time to time using the GPS on serial port 2 as the original gps port got ripped off on a flip over.  I tried a few flights on v3.2 and it worked, but didn't feel comfortable enough to fly it that way so…"
Jan 15, 2016
jfro replied to jfro's discussion 2nd GPS only
"I'm not a code writer so I can't try it, but I'd assume it wouldn't be rocket science to put a selection in their to switch over the main GPS to the secondary connection. 

While I can get a satellite lock on the 2nd connection (with 1st connection…"
Sep 28, 2015
jfro replied to jfro's discussion 2nd GPS only
"Any idea where I might find some answers? 
3DRobotics told me to by a new one. They didn't mention the serial 4/5 port.

My  Pixhawk with GPS port ripped off and now GPS connected on the serial 4/5 port works, I just don't get feedback unless I'm…"
Feb 12, 2015
jfro posted a discussion
My GPS port on my Pixhawk has been ripped off when the GPS came lose from my quad. I've replaced the Pixhawk on the quad, but am now testing my original Pixhawk as it seems to be working except for the GPS connection.I've now connected the GPS to…
Feb 1, 2015
jfro replied to jfro's discussion Pixhawk 6s power question & com 4/5 port for main gps
"Any ideas on the GPS running on comm 4/5"
Dec 6, 2014
jfro replied to jfro's discussion Pixhawk 6s power question & com 4/5 port for main gps
"I presume that the Zener diode is only for the backup power on the rails. 

In a perfect world, the diode isn't needed if the original 5v is stable and connected?    If that fails, and it switches to the 5v on the rails, then the diode is a safety…"
Dec 5, 2014
jfro replied to jfro's discussion Pixhawk 6s power question & com 4/5 port for main gps
"I have seen many of those and I could order them later, but I don't have time to wait 1-4 weeks to get it in.  Also, I'm not sure which one I need.  ECalc says at max, I'm going to pull 29.8amps per motor. On a y6, does this mean 180amps?  If so,…"
Dec 5, 2014
jfro posted a discussion
I am hopefully  finishing a build (y6 Trooper) today and my flight controller isn't coming in for a while so I've decided to use either my Pixhawk or SuperX that I have on 2 of my quads. I'm leaning towards the Pixhawk, but am hung up on the 6s…
Dec 5, 2014
jfro commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Follow-Me Mode: Available Today, Free in DroidPlanner 2.0
"What happens if in follow me mode if the radio signal (tracking signal) from your phone is lost? Can my Pixhawk be set to loiter or maybe a loiter for a certain time then rth, or loiter for a certain time then land?When I use my droid phone and…"
Jun 17, 2014
jfro replied to Mark Slater's discussion Auto Tune on Large Octo
"Just found your youtube video on octo / pixhawk autotune and then this thread.I've recently started flying a Pixhawk on a quad and starting to gain a little confidence.  I  am curious how your subsequent flights are going, if your flying with gimbal…"
May 10, 2014
jfro commented on Jared Reabow's blog post DroidPlanner for Android The best missionplanner alternative! Using Mavlink via cheap usb adapter (Follow me - PIDS - ACC calibration - FREE)
"Just put Droid Planner on my Note II phone, Note tablet, and an older Asus tablet.  Note tablet doesn't connect. However, connects right up to my Note II phone and older Asus Tablet. 

On both devices, about 90% of the time I fail to download…"
May 10, 2014
jfro replied to jfro's discussion Calibration accelerometer 7 compass
"I wasn't sure so I said the heck with it and went out in the snow with a chair and did the compass outside, just to make sure.

Thank you for the explanation.   I'm just a bit overwhelmed trying to figure everything out with the Pixhawk. Lots of…"
Apr 3, 2014
jfro posted a discussion
First time user setting up Pixhawk.  I bought the Pixhawk, 3dr radio set, & 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass KitI'm going through my initial setup and am wondering if I can do the compass and accelerometer calibration in my home.  One my other FC, I have…
Apr 3, 2014
jfro commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "Hybrid" (PosHold) flight mode, what was missing in APM Copter now is reality!
"I'm new to the community and should be receiving my Pixhawk this week.  I have 0 experience with APM, but am  excited to get started on a small quad and maybe later on a larger 8x I'm converting/building.  This looks like a feature that I'd use for…"
Jan 20, 2014
jfro posted a discussion
I'm reading through the documentation for Pixhawk and APM in anticipation of receiving my Pixhawk this week. This is my 3rd MR build, but first APM based MR. I still consider myself somewhat of a novice. Less than 1 yr experience on Naza, HoverFly,…
Jan 18, 2014