Auto Tune on Large Octo

Auto tune worked great, much better than I expected. The only side effect is the difference in stick movements afterwards between stab mode and loiter/position

Otherwise pretty much perfect

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  • Just found your youtube video on octo / pixhawk autotune and then this thread.

    I've recently started flying a Pixhawk on a quad and starting to gain a little confidence.  I  am curious how your subsequent flights are going, if your flying with gimbal & camera yet and if so, how is your video looking. 

    I have an x8 with 400 kv motors that I'm not completely happy with my flight controller.  Before I try the Pixhawk on it, I'm trying to see how you brave pioneers are doing with your MR's & Pixhawk.

    Thanks for the video on your new Pixhawk config.


  • Looks good, I need to try autotune.

    The light bar under your copter - what do they represent? I notice at one point not all were lit.

    • Its an optical illusion, something obscured the LEDS. There are two strips down the booms - White - Front. Red = Back plus a double row of reds on the rear of the machine on the Anti Vibe plate.

  • Looking good!

  • great work and great video!
    But I think you have to repeat the autotune with the camera on the gimbal, because it changes the weight and the overall balance dell'okto.
    So you can see the differences in the PID.

    PS: imax on pitch and roll 500.0 ??? (default 5.0)

    Best Regards - Giuseppe (Italy)

    • MR60

      I would not advise doing so if you want to take pictures and films. On the contrary, autotune with a little bit less weight is a good idea, especially if you are thinking about videophotography uses. Doing so will give you a craft that is with smoother movements & control to take videos and pictures.

      • Thanks, I'll use the PIDs as is and see how it goes.

        I'm a little worried by the 500 imax and where that came from. 

    • Yes, I'll put the camera on now I trust it a little more.

      That default Imax does seem strange, i noticed it when I was first setting up - I'm hoping its an error in MP, certainly seems to fly straight so I'm a bit loathed to change it just in case I end up with 0.005 in the Pixhawk.

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