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kadmow commented on Pedals2Paddles's blog post Drone crashes outside White House, existing laws applied, owner cited.
"Just an insight to Pedals2Paddles.

 "Oh for god's sake.  Is that even a drone by definition?"

The problem with the whole nomenclature debate is that There is NO definition or limitation for the use of the term "drone". Its use is a free-for-all, "
Nov 27, 2015
kadmow replied to srinath mallikarjunan's discussion Angle of attack and sideslip sensor
"AOA is not affected by the aircraft attitude... (I may get flamed for that)....  Remember that the aerofoil performance is usually defined in terms of C_L and C_D versus AOA.. not airspeed or attitude

AOA (alpha) is the angle of the wind with…"
Sep 10, 2012
kadmow commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to turn a mild-mannered Multiplex foam trainer into an awesome VTOL transformer
"V Nice...   Sorry about the late comeback...
  as JC  corrected the V-22 uses cyclic control (possibly COG balancing using fuel allows a more efficient neutral axis for the longer term trim)but for short term  for pitch and roll actions use the…"
Jan 31, 2012