Another unwitting newbie with their shiny new toy, totally oblivious to the rules.  I do not know what brand/model it was, although we can probably all make a rather educated guess.  The big take away here is existing laws were applied and the owner was cited appropriately by local police. Gloating politicians everywhere are in tears.  Finally, another good example of why we don't need a bunch of fat suits in an office to make up new laws for something that is already covered by existing laws.

It's also nice to see the media not losing their mind over it.  Although that may come as the morning progresses.


WASHINGTON — U.S. Park Police have confiscated a drone that crash-landed on the Ellipse, near the White House.

A police representative says the small drone was being operated from the grounds of the Washington Monument early Friday morning.

The drone crossed Constitution Avenue and crashed on the Ellipse, the grassy area between the Monument and the White House grounds.

Police confiscated the drone and issued federal tickets to the operators, whom police did not identify.

Airspace in downtown Washington is the most restricted in the country for passenger aircraft and unmanned vehicles, including drones, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

It is illegal to operate a drone within the Beltway without special permission.

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  • Just an insight to Pedals2Paddles.

     "Oh for god's sake.  Is that even a drone by definition?"

    The problem with the whole nomenclature debate is that There is NO definition or limitation for the use of the term "drone". Its use is a free-for-all, 

  • 100KM

    I checked and it appears to be legal to fly kites from the National Mall.    The kite festival was on March 28th this year.   Wonder if they shoot down kites that approach the Whitehouse?   


  • Tony, not a single bit of that rant makes any sense. That kind of babble has no place here.

  • It may have been carrying Ebola!! . . . have you seen the FoxNews 'Greta van Sustren Report' where she talks about how someone could fit a GUN to a drone?! BWA-hahahaha. . . whatEVer.

    But, I mean, c'mon. . . these morons could have flown over a soccer field in Georgetown rather than on the Mall lawn.  NOT good judgement, sure.  

    Nevertheless, citizens with $40 toys go to jail, while bad corporate players like SkyPan Int'l gets fined.

  • It's not necessarily the actual risk they are trying to prevent, it's the potential risk.

    Potentially this could have been carrying something lethal, who knows.

  • Developer

    Pretty much sums up my thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHfiMoJUDVQ

  • 100KM

    Doesn't seem like this small RC controlled model helicopter is any more threatening than a kite.    It even has blade guards on it.

    I wonder if you can fly kites from the mall park?

  • That's three tenths a bomb!  All it needs is Ahmed's clock and a bit of er um...

    Won't someone think of the President's children...?

  • One more threat to National Security nipped in the bud.

    Good to know the SS er Homeland Security is on the job and keeping us safe.

  • Oh for god's sake.  Is that even a drone by definition?

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