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how to loiter in one fix point?

 hi people

Ive been trying to loiter my quadcopter which is a standard 2.5 apm 3drobotics kit with ublox gps. 

But when I switch to loiter the quadcopter start to hover in a circle with a wide radius. It maintains the altitude and does a pretty accurat

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making my own autopilot?

HiI had a general knowledge question for the forum.If I wanted to make a autopilot system of my own like ardupilot. How would I go about doing this? Im interested in the hardware side. Like how or where to select a curcuit board, sensors etc.

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EsC calibration problem

hi there

im trying to calibrate my ESCs on my Quad. all parts bought from 3d robotics im doing the automatic calibration. all goes well all the motors calibrate fine but when i apply the throttle a little bit 3 motors move in sync and one moves abit l

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