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 Having just got back from emergency, I thought i would mention how important it is to remove the props when doing any esc calibrations, testing or what have you when in closed quarters.  I've been working with drones for about 3 years and until now

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APM PRO MINI - connecting usbavr programmer

I have the new apm pro mini from china. Had it working great until it stopped connecting. All I have is a solid green power and no action lights. Assuming ive bricked it, I've been everywhere on the net to see how to flash the bootloader etc. But all

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is my apm bricked?

I bought an apm2.6 from china and worked fine for a while but now when I try to update the firmware it cant connect it is apm mini pro side pins. All I get when I plug in is solid green flicks blue occasionally during update try but nothing el

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wiring ppm from flysky fs-r6b rx

Hi all, in the middle of building my first quad and would like to use ppm from my receiver to my apm 2.6 pro mini.  The controler is the small unit with side posts, 24 pins on each side and no white connectors for I2c or telem etc..  I havent found o

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