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Embarking on a university project to make an autonomous search and rescue UAV, to find the location of an IR beacon and return the location info to a base station.



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patonator replied to Drone-University.com's discussion Moving from APM to Pixhawk. Can I keep my 3DR telemetry and 3DR GPS/compass ? in ArduPlane User Group
"Hi Frejus,

The connections are different (the Pixhawk uses 6 pin "DF13" connectors), but you can still use the older telemetry/GPS with the pixhawk if you change the connectors on one end of the cable/make a new loom. I'm just starting out with the…"
Feb 24, 2014
patonator replied to Brian Sigmon's discussion Differences between old 3DR radio and V2 radio?
"I'm quite interested in this too. Looking to get a radio for telemetry and v1 seems to be available much cheaper and in stock. Haven't found v2 anywhere in stock in the UK and costs $40 postage from US...

Anyone know if it is easy enough to connect…"
Jan 21, 2014
patonator replied to Rasmus's discussion APM SITL with FlightGear and Ubuntu
"Hi all,
I’m new to this forum, and just starting out with ArduPilot and UAVs, and I’m also pretty new to using Linux so please forgive me if I’m asking obvious questions.
I’ve been trying to get SITL running on a Linux VM for about a week now. I’ve…"
Nov 13, 2013