Provo, UT

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Master's student at Brigham Young University

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Interested in integrating and developing technologies to create robust navigation solutions for unmanned aircraft. I am especially interested in exploring methods of robust pose graph SLAM optimization to compensate for degraded GPS measurements.


Livermore, CA

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paul replied to paul's discussion Pixhawk 2.1 and Futaba R7008SB RX
"Here's an update.
I scrounged up a Spektrum satellite receiver and it works without a hitch. It definitely seems to me like the Futaba receiver isn't supported by the Pixhawk 2.1 and the newer firmwares.
Can anyone help me confirm this?
Jul 3, 2017
paul posted a discussion
Hey Everyone,I'm just looking for some help on a problem I recently stumbled upon. I have been using a Pixhawk 1 with ArduCopter v3.3.3 and a Futaba R7008SB RC receiver for some time now with no issues.I recently purchased a Pixhawk 2.1 and have not…
Jul 3, 2017
paul replied to kurt's discussion Pixhawk with S1000 wiring diagram question
"You just need to swap all the CW arms for CCW arms and vice versa.

Good luck!"
May 20, 2016
paul posted a discussion
Does anyone know of any recent Arduino MAVLink tutorials?I would like to use an Arduino connected to the PixHawk to update waypoints, check current positions, etc. All the tutorials I could find (most rooting back to…
May 4, 2016
paul replied to vincent's discussion Failed to make sitl (software in the loop) on Windows
"Replacing all call to isnan and isinf with std::isnan and std::isinf seems to put a band-aid on it...
Apr 29, 2016
paul replied to vincent's discussion Failed to make sitl (software in the loop) on Windows
"I'm in the same boat. Just wanted to comment to show some activity on this."
Apr 29, 2016